Chelsea Girl is re-launched!

Take a look in your wardrobe. Look through the items without seeking the labels. Can you picture clearly in your head where you bought them and what stage in your life you was in? I can answer yes to all of these, whether I have a good memory or not, each item has a story to tell as to what part of my life I was in, something I’d saved months for, a birthday dress, or a pair of shoes I fell over in whilst trying them on. They sing to me  like music I guess.  When you hear a song and remember a moment.

So when I heard that River Island were launching classic pieces from their original brand Chelsea Girl, I wanted to ask my mum how she felt, did she remember or have any similar pieces, does she feel nostalgic that a store closed down in her era was being launched again? :”We had a Chelsea girl in Ilford where I remember buying a pink mini skirt which I wore with my platform boots. It sounds funny, but at that time that’s what most young girls wore. The shop sold, if I remember, hotpants, floaty tops, bell bottom light coloured cotton trousers and jeans (otherwise known as loons), beatnik things like fringed waistcoats and mainly light coloured bits and paisley prints. It’s very weird that a shop from my youth has been re-born, they all seem like a distant memory except from places like Topshop, it’s nice to know other’s can enjoy the clothes we used to wear, styling them to suit the new generation of fashion.”

Harriet Walker tells us in the Independent how “from 1965 Chelsea Girl offered Mary Quant at manageable prices, and was one of the first stores across the country to provide affordable and trend-led pieces to a young audience desperate for them.” It is a perfect time to bring this range to the spotlight when the 1970’s trend was seen everywhere on the Spring/Summer catwalks.

I picked out my favourite items from this collection and I’ve just fallen in love with the concept of the range, it really has history. I think it’s great to give people today the chance to relive the 60’s and 70’s, where vintage items now are either nabbed up in a hurry from charity shops, or are priced overly expensive in special vintage shops in places such as London’s Brick Lane .

cream print chelsea girl blouse, £25

brown chelsea girl suede hotpants, £60

purple print chelsea girl frill front dress, £30

denim chelsea girl print shorts, £25

light brown chelsea girl lace smock dress, £35

beige chelsea girl vintage satchel, £79.99light denim chelsea girl flare jeans, £35

brown chelsea girl patchwork suede skirt, £65

To celebrate the launch, River Island have created a pop-up store in London’s Selfridges from Thursday 24th March until Friday 8th April. The collection is also limited in store and online, so get shopping!

2 Responses to “Chelsea Girl is re-launched!”
  1. Pam says:

    I remember shopping in Chelsea Girl, your Mum is right that is exactly what they used to sell. I remember buying a pair of brown flares that I wore all the time. It’s a shame that the new items aren’t replicas though, but they’ve definately been influenced by the 60’s and 70’s which is great!

    • I find that its a shame they’re not replicas too, would be great to have actual pieces! But the collection is great I’ve already nabbed the batwing blouse above.Thanks for commenting!

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