Olly’s Top 5: Best Dressed Men

With glamorous women simply consuming InThingStyle, I think it’s about time there was some room made for the boys!

Que Thin Lizzy. Yes the boys are back and dressed to impress. My list comprises of actors to oldies and sporty’s to mussies.

The suits and shades on show are testament to the confidence these style heavyweights carry, if you like it, share it.


The boy  that we all love has gone bespoke. He is most definitely the best dressed boy on the box.


Next up, we have a style icon that first burst on the scene in the 70’s. Dress him in anything, he’ll make it look good. introducing Mr Bryan Ferry.


Making the top 3 is an InThingStyle fave. He’s way ahead of his time in style and has just written the score for the new Arthur movie starring Russell Brand. Spot on Mark.


As the new F1 season starts we have to honour the classy, McLaren driver. In terms of style, Jenson is in pole position.


Hitting the top spot is music’s main man, Tinie Temper. He’s everywhere and they even love him across the pond. So InThingStyle dons its cap to hottest guy in British Music.

To all of you who didn’t make my list, well you better smarten up and you may make it the next time.

One Response to “Olly’s Top 5: Best Dressed Men”
  1. bobolink says:

    it is nice to make a top 5 dressed for men check out the top 5 velvet dresses for this week i am sure you would love them http://velvetmag.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/top-5-best-dressed-of-the-week/

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