Would you wear a meat dress?

Flares, florescent leg warmers and leather jackets – not all at once of course, but separately, became trendy again when fans adopted styles. With many music artists influencing their fans fashion sense in the past, how does today’s musical talent inspire their listeners? Not everyone is daring enough to sport a dress made out of … Continue reading

Ben Gilbert Talks about Beyonce and Marilyn Manson

Beyonce is so beautiful it is intimidating for journalists to interview her. Ben Gilbert who talks to Journalism Students at Westminster University got an eight-minute interview with the star last year, he said she looked like a diamond and it was traumatic to interview her. “Its hard to get anything juicy out of her.” This is due … Continue reading

Get in the mood for summer with Tropical Prints

Personally I think that the relationship between tropical prints and clothes is a marmite one, you either love or hate it. Tropical prints have been seen on the Spring Summer 2011 catwalks and a mixture of designs have been produced from butterflies to lemons and pineapples. I think there a bit crazy and definitely will … Continue reading

Brick Lane Brilliance

If you’re like me and love fashion, living and breathing it, looking at other’s styles to inspire your own then Brick Lane is the place to go.  Just off of Old Spitalfield’s Market the place is very… I’m not sure quite how to describe it, arty, edgy, vibey? I wanted to show the readers of our … Continue reading

University Of Westminster Fashion Video – Colour piece

    On Thursday the 31st of March, the University of Westminster fashion students put on an incredible show, of which me and Lindsey attended ( looking very un-chic with my massive tripod might I add). We then watched as the fashion students produced their Jersey Print Project. Lindsey snapped some fabulous photographs in which she choose her … Continue reading

Agate Inspired Jewellery

Agate Jewellery is set to be the next big thing this summer, whilst browsing through various publications and shops these key gems have caught my eye.(yes you’ve guessed it, Im a bit like a magpie! and im attracted to bright pretty things) I particularly admire the rings which are effortlessly made. The slate agate necklaces  are also beautiful … Continue reading

Cheap and cheerful, Car Boot Sale buys

Chiswick Car Boot Sale hosted once a month in the local school grounds If you’re a poor student feeling the burn holes in your pockets from lack of money, or you’re simply short of cash and want a new piece for your wardrobe then the place to go is defintely a Car Boot Sale. The stalls … Continue reading

Westminster Fashion Show – Video

If the pictures of the lovely boys and girls taking part in the 1st, Westminster University Fashion show didn’t satisfy you enough, what we have for you here is as good as being there on the day. The show was a jersey project for the students and the finished pieces are far from amateur. Take a … Continue reading

University of Westminster Fashion Show Feature

The Fashion Students of the University of Westminster show us what they can do On Thursday 31st of March Fashion students at the University of Westminster put on a courtyard catwalk of their own pieces from the year. Myself and fellow blogger for the ‘In thing’ Emma Edmonds attended, filmed and photographed the event. I have taken photographs of the best, most … Continue reading

Poolside Glamour

I’ve been really inspired by these Slim Aarons’ photographs of vintage poolside settings from his book “Poolside with Slim Aarons” for this post.  He photographed the wealthy, beautiful, glittering elite in amazing poolside locations from the fifties through to the eighties. With vintage replicas of all sorts of clothing cropping up in current fashion trends, I really wanted to explore which … Continue reading

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