Cheap and cheerful, Car Boot Sale buys

Chiswick Car Boot Sale hosted once a month in the local school grounds

If you’re a poor student feeling the burn holes in your pockets from lack of money, or you’re simply short of cash and want a new piece for your wardrobe then the place to go is defintely a Car Boot Sale. The stalls play house to many a forgotten garment that has been discarded in the attic for too long, many of which are of surprising quality and value. One thing to look out for is a great bargin on Vintage clothing, shoes, bags and more, these can be sold on for a considerable profit or can be a great addition to your collection. My favouorite buy today was this Vintage Army Jumper, i found it in pristine condition and purchased it for a mere two pounds (bargained down from three) when looking on the internet i have discovered these can cost around eighteen pounds used and thirty pounds new. What makes this a fantastic item in my wardrobe is that it is light enough to wear during summer and also warms during the winter, it may not be the most figure flattering piece but it’s stylish and beautifully made. Not to mention it once belonged to a vetran and was the bargain of the century!

There is much more to be found at these sales, for example my friend purchased a Vintage 1950’s cheerleader lettermans jacket for fifteen pounds which can now be sold on for a staggering sixty pounds. This just shows how you can not only add an iconic garment to your treasure chest of clothes but you could also earn money. A fantastic money saving (and earning) tip for the students among you. Below are photographs of my find, you can see the detailing in the bottom two:

Vintage Military Army Jumper

Patch detailing on the elbow

Shoulder pads


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