University Of Westminster Fashion Video – Colour piece



On Thursday the 31st of March, the University of Westminster fashion students put on an incredible show, of which me and Lindsey attended ( looking very un-chic with my massive tripod might I add). We then watched as the fashion students produced their Jersey Print Project. Lindsey snapped some fabulous photographs in which she choose her favourite degins . Lindsey’s photographs can been seen on her post for ‘In thing’ ; University of Westminster Fashion Show Feature. The day itself was a little windy (not always good for floaty dresses), but there was a great atmosphere and all the designs were beautiul. It was great to watch the  fabric flowing elegently as the models worked the designs in their sky scraper heels. The beats of the music suited each design and added to the quirky enegertic mood. The video I produced had not been edited and was a great representation of the day however i haven’t been to cut the length down yet so that it is suitable for youtube (though i am still trying) I will tweet when i have the video up 🙂

Meanwhile our friend Max Barnett was at the event too and has uploaded his own video of which ollie has posted on his section of the blog – you can check it out here


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