Would you wear a meat dress?

Flares, florescent leg warmers and leather jackets – not all at once of course, but separately, became trendy again when fans adopted styles.

With many music artists influencing their fans fashion sense in the past, how does today’s musical talent inspire their listeners?

Not everyone is daring enough to sport a dress made out of Sunday dinner meat or a swan inspired gown, but many styles adopted by stars in the industry have made it on to the backs of the adoring public in the past. Ben Gilbert, an experienced music journalist at Yahoo agrees, “ The last time you saw a band engaging (in fashion) at that level was the Strokes in the early 2000’s, that sort of thing hasn’t really engaged with culture for a long time”. Something that has always been pretty popular with the followers of said musical geniuses is the ever popular band t-shirt. From Bowie to the Beatles and Santana to The Stone Roses, t-shirts have been the one consistent way that bands can communicate their brand and message to the fans, but whole fashion trends are a different story. Ben admits that his own fashion sense is not musically inspired but stresses his concerns regarding the branding of new bands. “ I think that its really unfortunate that bands might not be able to have their own sense of style because they have it projected on them by their marketing people to make money” So is the fashion industry losing out due to the repetitive branding of bands and artists? Ben seems to think so, “I think the best styles come from within those people”. With that in mind then, is it necessary for fashion and music to maybe have a more intimate relationship? Listening to Ben it seems so, “I think the connection between the two is really important”, and by bands dressing themselves when they wake up in the morning those infamous stylists could be out of a job too. One exception to the rule is Lady Gaga, she has the most outrageous style today, nobody can realistically replicate it but she is still successful nonetheless. “The way that Gaga has done it- she’s now just as a comfortable with being on the runway in Paris and the front cover of Vogue as she is talking about her music”, he continues, “She’s a combination between the two, she’s as much of a style icon as she is a pop icon”.  It seems the trend of copying your favourite musical fashion icon’s dress sense has died out as the importance of individual style has become more apparent today, even if our individualism isn’t entirely original.

Here is some bands that have inspired fashion.


Abba and the flares!

The punk era

Skinny mod suits

80's beauty- Madonna was and still is an icon.


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