About Us

We showcase  Street-Style fashion- letting you know where the trendy people nab their items! The snaps may also work as inspiration for your own style. We also give you the low-down on current fashion news, beauty tips and reviews as well as women’s and men’s looks on a budget.

To bring this all together, let us introduce ourselves:

The Team

Ollie: Hi!, I’m a student who loves men’s fashion and more importantly, I love writing about it. I like to think I have a bit of an individual style. I’m a keen creative writer but I also love sport. My favourite fashion items are my Clarks, tan, desert boots and my white Nixon watch. Enjoy my posts.

Joanne: Hi! I’m also a Westminster University student studying Journalism. I’m a fashion fanatic (only, I wish I had the bank balance to fuel it), I’m in love with vintage style pieces, paisley prints and natural tones, and tend to be very fussy with my own style. I find bright colours daunting so you’ll rarely catch me sporting them; I’d much rather settle for a pretty pastel shade. I’m striving for a career in women’s magazines to express my love of fashion, femininity and creativity. I’m also a keen dress-maker.

Emma: Im Studying Journalism at Westminster University hoping to go on to writing for magazines. I am passionate about clothes, makeup, and my style is quite girly, I mostly wear dresses or skirts and  I absolutely love floral patterns and satchel bags. I also have a keen interest in health and beauty products.

Lindsey: I’m studying Journalism at the University of Westminster. I also love Art, Photography, film and make-up. I believe every person should have at least one Blink 182 song and Ian Somerhalder needs to be more recognised in the UK. My type of fashion style varies, though my preferences are bright colours, jeans, hotpants and military style (though surprisingly i can be quite girly)


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