The Big Fashion Wardrobe at Westfield Shopping Centre London.

Yesterday I went along to the launch of the fashion event ‘The Big Fashion Wardrobe‘, which is being held at Westfield Shopping Centre London until the 3rd of April. The aim is to promote the clothing brands, including FCUK, Ted Baker, Chelsea Girl, Reiss, and NW3 . There will be catwalk displays on the saturday and … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Curled Hairstyles

Elegant,tight curls: To achieve a perfect, elegant curl: 1. Start by getting a piece of your hair that is about an inch wide 2. Clamp the curling tongs down at the top of the hair and pull them down through the strand right to the tip of the hair and keep the tong held there … Continue reading

Rainbow face. Pukka Up.

An array of rainbow colours storms the catwalk this summer. This is no different in the beauty trends as the bright red lipstick is back but this time there’s a bigger variety of shades in the spotlight. The shades I love the most have to be the coral and bright red ones as they are … Continue reading

Just a few quick makeup designs, anyone for fancy dress?

Tribal make-up   Feeling colourful?  

Our new street style fashion blog!

We’re launching this Monday, excited!

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