Would you wear a meat dress?

Flares, florescent leg warmers and leather jackets – not all at once of course, but separately, became trendy again when fans adopted styles. With many music artists influencing their fans fashion sense in the past, how does today’s musical talent inspire their listeners? Not everyone is daring enough to sport a dress made out of … Continue reading

Ben Gilbert Talks about Beyonce and Marilyn Manson

Beyonce is so beautiful it is intimidating for journalists to interview her. Ben Gilbert who talks to Journalism Students at Westminster University got an eight-minute interview with the star last year, he said she looked like a diamond and it was traumatic to interview her. “Its hard to get anything juicy out of her.” This is due … Continue reading

Brick Lane Brilliance

If you’re like me and love fashion, living and breathing it, looking at other’s styles to inspire your own then Brick Lane is the place to go.  Just off of Old Spitalfield’s Market the place is very… I’m not sure quite how to describe it, arty, edgy, vibey? I wanted to show the readers of our … Continue reading

Olly’s Top 5: Best Dressed Men

With glamorous women simply consuming InThingStyle, I think it’s about time there was some room made for the boys! Que Thin Lizzy. Yes the boys are back and dressed to impress. My list comprises of actors to oldies and sporty’s to mussies. The suits and shades on show are testament to the confidence these style … Continue reading

From the Paris catwalk to the street- Street Style Wk 1

With the curtains now drawn on a week of glorious fashion in paris, we here at In Thing Style wanted check out whether the bold catwalk styles have made onto the backs of the lovely, Parisian ladies and gents. Here is your very first, special edition of Street Style Paris- enjoy!  

Our new street style fashion blog!

We’re launching this Monday, excited!

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