Ben Gilbert Talks about Beyonce and Marilyn Manson

Beyonce is so beautiful it is intimidating for journalists to interview her. Ben Gilbert who talks to Journalism Students at Westminster University got an eight-minute interview with the star last year, he said she looked like a diamond and it was traumatic to interview her. “Its hard to get anything juicy out of her.” This is due to the surrounding PRs which control what she can and can’t say,” They don’t want to give anything away to me.” He states. On the contrary he feels a lot more conformable with Marilyn Manson. He talks to us about how he connected to him with his smash hits watch of Britney spears and Marilyin Manson commented that it was ‘ironic’.  Whilst he was interviewing Manson he remembers that he was quite distracted at the time by the thought that he might have had one of his ribs removed, Although he discovers that Manson is “really smart and nice” which does not match his PR persona.


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