Brick Lane Brilliance

If you’re like me and love fashion, living and breathing it, looking at other’s styles to inspire your own then Brick Lane is the place to go.  Just off of Old Spitalfield’s Market the place is very… I’m not sure quite how to describe it, arty, edgy, vibey? I wanted to show the readers of our blog in a quick post what a great place this is before we finish our 2 weeks of fashion blogging.

Old Spitalfield's Market

Near Liverpool St Station you’ll find Old Spitalfield’s Market, home to all types of stalls everyday of the week, including homeware and furnishings to fashion buys and jewellery. This market is one of the oldest and largest and always creates great turnouts with regulars and tourists. Note: You can find pretty frilly and print dresses from just over £10, sometimes under!

Old Spitalfield's Market

Moving on, with its many vintage stores lining the ‘lane’, Shoreditch’s Brick Lane is a goldmine for finding treasurable pieces. The only downside is the prices which tend to resemble the high-street, and here you’re not buying into new pieces, you’re buying into vintage finds and designs with re-used materials. Brick lane shops know how fashionable old styles are becoming  and they can easily make their money from it.  

Brick Lane - Heba, Vintage Store

Brick Lane Vintage Store

Places like Rokit take a large pride on this road with two large outlets housing everything from the 1920’s through to the 80’s, I especially liked the sleeveless blouses which were around £18. All the clothes as you can tell are a little too expensive, Rokit are experts in vintage wear so finding a gem thats a couple of quid won’t be hanging around here, generally you could find most things here on the high-street for a similar price, but it depends on whether you want pieces from the decade or a new item that only you have worn. Rokit also has an online store full with treasures.

Brick Lane- Rokit vintage store

Brick Lane- Rokit vintage store

For a chill out Wi-Fi zone check out Cafe 1001 during the day. Downstair’s you’ll see a sweet brightly lit cafe selling all types of delicacies, when you climb the stairs however, you’ll enter a room of aroma, with plush floor cushions and sofas. This is a comfortable relaxation zone. You’ll see many ‘trendies’ here as its that sort of vibe, you can pick up a few tealight candles or oil burners with scented smells to have beside you whilst you work or just fancy a break from all the vintage shopping. At night this cafe opens its door the back room, which is a club and is always very popular. 

Cafe 1001

Cafe 1001 downstairs

Cafe 1001 Upstairs chill-out zone

Lastly, you cannot walk away from Brick Lane without treating yourself to a beigel. This lane is famous for them and houses a few shops, where I think all are open 24 hours. I bought this chocolate spread bagel for 90p! I’ve definately been more than once 🙂

Brick Lane Beigel Shop

My warm, fresh, chocolate spread beigel, just 90p! Tempting much?

So hopefully you know a bit more about Brick Lane now, I just wanted to quickly update you on where to go if you haven’t been before. Happy shopping (and eating)!

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